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Green Light, Download Speed ok, But upload, connectibility not okey


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My router : Thomson SpeedTouch ST356V6

Operatıng system : MS Vista

All firewals are closed.

Utorrent : 1.8 (built 11813)

Location : Qatar

I have realized port forwarding in accordance with instructions in portforward.com. Therefore, Utorrent shows green light whenever I download something from private torrent sites. My download speed is perfect. However, I have a upload problem. Upload speed is almost nothing. I know that there are many leecher. And I have in the position of seeder. But, I can't upload almost nothing. Whenever I check my position from any private torrent sites, it shows me as not connectable. Moreover, I check forwarded post with utorrent I am getting below error message.

utorrent Error! Port 50040 does not appear to be open.

As a result, green light okey. download speed okey but port forwarding is not okey.

Plese show me a way to solve this issue. By the way, I have tried many ports, there is nothing for improving.

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