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New feature/check for uTorrent


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First have a look here: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=360769#p360769

I'm asking this (i believe that i'm not alone on this situation) because if you have 500 or 600 torrents loaded it gets very annoying to have them all rechecked again without any reason.

I'm asking for a way to force uTorrent check if the source (the external HDD this case) is present BEFORE loading the torrents so this error will be prevented.

PS: Yes sometimes i may forget to turn on the HDD. We are humans, not machines;p

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Most likely, since the HDD is not there when he starts uTorrent all the torrents give a "Files missing from job. Please recheck." error and he doesn't know that once the files are restored to where uTorrent expects them to be, you can just Start them back up by highlighting them and hitting start without the need for a recheck.

Basically, he's being misled by the error into thinking he needs to do a recheck before starting the torrent. I had the same problem the first few times I encountered that error. After all, it does ask nicely :P

Perhaps uTorrent could continue checking for the existence of files on torrents with that error so once the files are replaced/reappear uTorrent will automatically clear the error and mark them as stopped instead. Or even just reword the error so it's less confusing.

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