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µTorrent takes all bandwidth?


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After using µTorrent for quite a while now (and with great succes), recently it's been causing me huge problems. The second I open the program, it seems to claim all the network's bandwidth. No internet, no e-mails, I can't do anything while the program is open. If I close it the network will return to normal after 2-3 minutes.

Very strange, considering 1) it's never done this before and 2) while µTorrent is on, it never uses my full download- or upload-speed, so that isn't the problem either.

I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium with NOD32 3.0.669.0 as my Virusscanner. The port that µTorrent uses is correctly forwarded.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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So I did:

I followed the steps described in the Setup guide.

I didn't change any settings in µTorrent itself, I tried setting the legacy connections-thing to forced, but that didn't work.

The network-indicator thingy on the bottom is green

Ctrl + G shows this:

Uploadlimit: 50

Connections (per torrent): 500

Max. active torrents: 500

Uploadslots: 6

Connections (common): 1000

Max. active downloads: 500

Port: 29809 -> OK! Port 29809 is open and accepting connections.

net.max_halfopen is set to 8

I use Vista Home Premium (OS)

NOD32 3.0.669.0 (Virusscanner)

Linksys WRT350N (Router)

Ziggo as my ISP (formerly @Home, services still with @Home)

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It lowered the settings to:

Max. active torrents: 25 (there were only 12 active at the time of writing, I don't see the problem in that)

Max. active downloads: 25 (same story)

Connections (per torrent): 125

Still doesn't work.

Edit: I don't think it's any of the settings, they worked before. The fact that it breaks down the INTANT (not five seconds, instantly) I start the program makes me think. But that's just me.

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You could just as easily do 4 downloading torrents at once with 512 kilobit/sec upload...you just wouldn't have any seeding torrents at the time.

Just think of other people...if you want to do more torrents at once, try to keep your upload speed PER upload slot at least 3 KB/sec. Helps your download speed in return if you do.

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He's already decided... some people don't care about others and then wonder why something slowly drags to a crawl... explain others don't upload to you when you don't upload to others, they may listen or not.

I once saw a download go from 3 hr ETA to 10 minutes (6 Mbit download) after changing upload to something sensible.

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