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What is the ".bc!" extension???


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I've restarted the download of a group of AVI files using a re-downloaded .torrent file, because the original was accidently deleted when I moved my utorrent folders to another drive.

However, rather than picking up where it left off (finishing the ".avi" files), utorrent has created a bunch of corresponding ".bc!" files, i.e.:







Can anyone explain this behavior? The original avi files were about 90% complete, but utorrent seems to be starting over from the beginning, current;y saying the download is only 8% complete :(


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.bc! Is BitComet. utorrent appends .ut! which is optional and off by default. You should open up bitcomet again and in options deselect "add .bt! to unfinished files" then start downloading with utorrent again. You might want to delete the smaller files utorrent downloaded again first so that theres no name conflict.

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Whoa... how the hell did you get .bc! without installing BitComet? Or do you have BitLord? BitLord is a "fork" of BitComet (BitComet's source code was sold to the BitLord people somewhere in BitComet 0.5x, but that's it).


- Ahhhhh 1 second XD

- I agree, it could just be the guy making the torrent being an idiot =P

- Fine, edited =P

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I just looked at the comments for the torrent I'm downloading, lots of people bitching that it wont go past 70-80%, so I'm guessing it's screwed. Especially since uTorrent is the only client that's ever been installed on this computer (besides the official bittorrent client, of course).

Thanks for clearing this up, folks :)

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