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problem with reloading torrents after format -help


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hello guys..

i have a problem with my torrent list.

i have formatted my pc not before i saved all the torrents

by copying the utorrent folder from the application data folder

later on ive installed utorrent and copied the torrents back to the

original directory and they loaded just fine cause i didnt change any path names

of any of my drives.

the program knows where each download is

but after it did a file check or "re-check"

it told me that the download is only 98-99% finished even though

the download was already completed.

with some of my downloads it tells me that they 0% finished

when i look at the files tab of the download i can see that he has a problem

with each beginning and end of every part of the download - why is that?

how can i fix it? here's a picture:


thanks in advance : )

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I have a similar problem when files moved onto another disk partition.

Read here: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=46341

Before formatting your PC HDD, where did you saved your data (downloaded with bittorrent) ? What was the cluster size of the back-up HDD/USB ?

Did the formatting change the cluster size of your PC HDD ?


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well there's a total 600GB on 3 physical drives. i didn't change the letters

of those drives and everything i've downloaded i saved on two main partitions

each one had - then and now - a capacity of 180GB so the size of them remained the same.

all my drives are ntfs so i think its a 4KB cluster size

i've formatted only drive C:\ which contained windows ... utorrent was also installed on it..

hope that's what you meant

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