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Portforwarding disappearing


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Hi all

I have a static IP set up, and I usually have a few ports forwarded so I can play games like Warcraft, TF2, etc.. So I know how to do it, so that's not my question.


There is ports 455-500 opened and ready to go. I've tried both selecting "This router" and imputting the IP and I get the same results. I can close and open the browser and do other stuff and my settings stay.


I open bittorrent, it says the port is open but my speeds are so poor I know something is wrong.


I double check to make sure everything is in order and my port forwarding options are now deleted. I've tried a wide array of ports, options, etc.. but this always ends up happening.

Is this common, or do I have a problem with my ISP?

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Bell (Sympatico) ADSL ISP in Canada is known to be extremely hostile to BitTorrent traffic...but I've never heard of them clearing modem settings to stop file sharers.

It looks like the modem is resetting from time to time...and losing all its settings when it does. :(

If I were you...I'd get a new ISP, yours is broken.

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