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Downloads disappearing from download list


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I am currently using the µTorrent 1.8.1 BETA, and lately I've been experiencing a bug I hope you may fix before the final version!

At first when I got µTorrent 1.8.1 BETA this bug did not happen, but suddently when I added more downloads, they just keep dissappearing...

The downloads that dissappear, does NOT stop, they just don't show up on the download list! When the download start, it shows in the download list for about 20 sec, then just "blink", and it's gone.

I've tried to delete all finished downloads from the download list, I've tried to repair the program, and I have even run a full computer scan by Nod32 (nothing helped).

Just a heads up.. so you know about it before launching the final version!

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