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RSS Downloader keeps re-downloading a certain feed!


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I set up the RSS downloader to automatically download a tv show as it came out, but every day it opens up the entire thing to download it again! Granted, i already have it so it just starts seeding, but still. How do i tell it not to mess with stuff that is labeled 'previously downloaded'.

The filter is on default except for a check next to 'smart episode filter'.

here's the setup

filter: *

not: 'left blank'

save in: 'a certain directory'

feed 'my show feed'

quality 'all'

episode number: blank

filter matches original name etc: unchecked

don't start downloads automatically: unchecked

give download highest priority: unchecked

smart episode filter: checked

minimum interval: 'match always'

label for new torrent: 'blank'

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Meant to say utorrent 1.8 (build 11813). And this is the latest stable version that I am aware of.

what i mean is that when i add a feed and select "automatically download items published in feed", a new favorite in the rss downloader gets added with the feedname, like bitmetv, and the filter is * which means every item in the feed will be downloaded. If I change * to any other name, like *prsion.break.s04*, the rss downloader dosen't download anything.

Even if I choose "do not automatically download items" none of my favorites will be downloaded regardless of options selected in the rss downloader.

This is what I mean. And I'm not the only one with this problem. The truth is, the rss is not working in utorrent 1.8 (build 11813) and this needs to be resolved quickly.

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I'm terribly sorry. It works just like always has but perhaps I didn't read the fineprint about certain options. However, the layout is a bit more complicated now then before but I guess there's a reason for that. Again, I'm sorry if I sounded a bit irretated in my previous posts. Thanks for clearing everything out, especially the episode number function which I haven't used or bothered with before.

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Here's where it gets sticky though, if you expect repack/proper for your content, then you 1) need to make sure the update interval is long enough that both would get listed in the same update so you only get the fixed version unless you don't mind waiting the other update interval...

Either fix method would work, and I personally set mine to half the expected interval time (weeklies are 3 days, dailies are 12 hours), and set smart episode filter for all numbered content. One documentary a night is plenty to watch, and I stockpile new content over the weekend :D

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DreadWingNight: the feed validates and doesn't change any information of the existing torrents. Moreover, other feed readers such as the one in Thunderbird understand that the feed items are the ones it's already downloaded. If you have a valid, functioning feed, I don't think you can write off a problem with uTorrent with "it's the way they write their feed." However they write it, if it's valid, then uTorrent's doing it wrong.

Moreover, it was working perfectly until 1.8.1.

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That just isn't true. Mininova's feed entries include the fields:


guid isPermaLink




enclosure url link type


NONE of these change. Neither do the title, link, description, language, and atom:link for the channel itself.

Seed/peer information is stored NOWHERE in the RSS feed. uTorrent must follow the enclosure url to get that, and it should only do that if it hasn't been previously downloaded.

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Mininova does indeed add S/L information to the title. This can be suppressed by adding "&nostats" to the end of the rss link.

For example:

Would be come:

Hope this helps.

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