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Inconsistent Network Setup


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Tried to search, couldn't find my specific problem.

I am using a Dlink 614+ and the majoriy of the time it does all that I could ask of. On the openoffice torrent as well as a couple of of Oink I have acheived consistent max line speeds of over 900 kB/S.

I am assuming my problem my be related to bad firmware, but I thought I should see if anyone else had some ideas.

The problem: sometimes my network connection runs perfectly and other times I get a NAT error. Nothing has changed in terms of settings on my machine in weeks.

My Setup:

Win XP SP2 (Nlite'd)

TCIP patch = 100

not using the wireless connection on the machine I use uTorrent on

uTorrent Settings (1.3 Build 364):

UPnP disabled

35036 = post used (Open on the Dlink Router)

Global Connections = 350

Maximum # of connected peers per torrent = 75

Number of upload slots per torrent = 8

DHT enabled

net.low_cpu = false

all other settings = Default

I have a 5Mb Down and 2Mb up cable connection

I may be missing something, if so let me know.

Thanks for any ideas

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