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download capping? maxed 250k downloads no matter the source


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just wondering if anyone had any info as to why my downloads max out at 250k, whether it is one, two or six, they all equal to 250k max, i have all settings optimized and set, had just upgraded to 3m from att dsl and forwarded a port through a 2wire dsl modem which i am getting 2 meg download and 400k upload according to dsl reports, prior had the crappy motorola dsl modem that you couldn't forward ports, which is drastic improvement from the 1 meg i had prior where i got 550k download and 95 upload as well as prior would get max of 80k downloads no matter how many.

just wondering if this is a download/bandwith cap from att dsl, or if it could be the port i am using, which is 29522, my netmax is at 50 in utorrent, and in windows is set to 56. not sure what else to put for info or settings,

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