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Only one uTorrent instance will run (cant build multy Tenant env.)


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Hi Folks,

First of all let me say hello to the forum, as I am new here...

Second, please forgive me for the grammatical errors, as I am not a native english speaker.

What I want to do.:

I want to build a multy tenant uTorrent environment based on the Windows XP (or server)

user accounts.

So far I have experimented on Virtual PC (the MS kind of VMware) with uTorrent 1.8


I have installed uTorrent on the Windows machine as administrator.


For every defined uTorrent account I have created a Windows user account.


I started uTorrent (separately) for every account and changed the setting according defined policy (bandwidth, download folders, WebUI Port and password) after that I stopped uTorrent.

No Problems this far...


I have tried to run one uTorrent instance per Windows account simulatniously.

This Failed, only one uTorrent instance per System did simultaniously start.

The folloing options did I try.:


Log in as User1 start uTorrent after that logout,

Log in as User2 start uTorrent



Log in as Admin,

start uTorrent with "Run as User 1" option

start uTorrent with "Run as User 2" option



Log in as User1 schedule uTorrent for System start

Log in as User2 schedule uTorrent for System start


Failure means.:

there is always one uTorrent instance running at the same time.

I cant start the second instance.

I havent installed uTorrent for all user separately, only as admin.

could this be the probelm?

(uTorrent successfully saves the settings for all the different users into the appdata directory)

Any suggestions?



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Hi thelittlefire,

thank you for your answer, I havent tried them yet, but I will deffinitely do so soon.

Do I understand correctly, that the solution in your firs link just uses the same profile

for all user? That would be unacceptable in my case, as i try to provide different settings for the different user.

I dont understand the description in your second link, its too complex for me, could you please

give a try to formulate it in a couple of sentences what its about (so I can decide wheter its worth to to read about it, and invest some more hours)

Meanwhile I have reinstalled uTorrent (and of course reseted all appdata settings).

Now I am able to start more than one uTorrent instance for the system.

(exactly maximum one uTorrent per user) But only if the users are logged in.

So I cant start uTorrents for the users with scheduled tasks (scheduled for System start)

as the users arent logged in.

Any idea?



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@j4ni: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=56393#p56393

You need to tell µTorrent specifically that you need a new instance. Create a separate "installation" of µTorrent for each user, and have them each run with the /RECOVER argument.

To start for users who aren't logged in, the "installations" of µTorrent need to be placed where the scheduler can access the directory and execute the process.

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Hi Ultima,

Thank you, now I think I am getting the point,

after system startup, there are no users logged in, normally I could only start one instance of uTorrent, but with the /recover switch I can create more instances, and for all users the the settings must be sored at a unique space...

Thank Yoz very much!


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It seems to work (now I succeeded to start 2 instances (well same settings)).

Well It wasnt designed that way, but here in my country uTorrent is the most widely used

Torrent client (at least among the "power user" folks).

And a huge number of people have deployed Seed server in Data Centers to supply great

upload speeds for the folks with ADSL lines. Most of these Seed Server are multy tenant

and run uTorrent...

Thank You for the help, it was most usefull.



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