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Strange problem when moving completed files


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Hi all

Im having a problem with utorrent 1.8 using the feature "move completed downloads to:" and then appending the label as a dir.

Problem is, after my torrent completes downloading, it gets moved completely to the new dir, then if i take the same .torrent file, upload it to another tracker and then downloads it to seed from the new dir, then it hashchecks the files and THEN all of sudden utorrent moves part of the dir to the previous dir?!


tempdir for downloading: c:\downloads\

after completion: c:\downloads\*label-here*

download torrent from tracker-1 to tempdir. files get moved to completed-dir. i upload the same .torrent file to new tracker, downloads it again (private tracker, so need to redownload torrent coz passkey gets added). Sets it to use the files in complete dir. hashcheck 100%. starts seeding--- 5 sek after part of the files gets moved back to tempdir without a reason.

and some of the times textfiles (read: .nfo's) dont pass hashcheck after utorrent moves them for some reason. so it might be two problems.

and oh yeah, i add the torrent using commandline. just doing:

utorrent.exe /directory "c:\downloads\*lable-here*" "c:\torrent-file.torrent"

but if i start it by just doing:

utorrent.exe "c:\torrent-file.torrent"

and then disable hashchecking in the gui, then there aint no problem (still the textfiles might be bad, but just like 1 out of 10).

is there a solution for this, or did i stumple upon a bug?

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Well, it reports as being 100% complete and the torrent even starts seeding. Then after some sec, the files moves back. So nothing have been changed. If i start the torrent from GUI (skipping hashcheck) then it is all fine no problem. So my guess is that there is a problem somewhere in utorrent when hashchecking files with another torrent than the original from the new dir. coz after you do that, some files gets moved back. Or would it be because the hashchecking locks the files, and then utorrent moves them back as they arrent accessible by the original torrent, and sees them as corrupted? (if so, it would be AWESOME with a command line arg to skip haschecking... But that prolly has been asked for many times already).

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Do you see this same behavior in 1.8.1?

And what really concerns me is the text files failing the hashcheck. WHen they do so, look at the Files tab, and see what piece is shared with another file. Easiest way to do so is enable the First Piece column and sort by that.

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Tried 1.8.1, still same problem.

Think the problem with the textfiles is the same as the others, and it just happened to be those files.

Anyways think i got it. It only happens if ther original torrents is actively seeding the files, and then the new torrent starts hashchecking them (thus locking the files). Then utorrent just sees them as locked/dead/corrupted/whatever, and moves them back to the original folder. Seems like a logical thing to do... And if there aint an active seeding of the files going on, no problems at all. It all works without a problem.

So two ways of fixing... Having utorrent not moving the files back when they get locked, or put a commandline arg in the app to skip hashchecking.

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On adding the torrent if you can't find that option, you need to look harder.

Aside from the fact your "problem" is unrelated. If you want to make a suggestion or report a bug choose a better choice next time. Or if you don't want to search, chance making your own thread... hope it's not a duplicate or it will be trashed.

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