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Info needed on settings.dat


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Hi Folks,

I want to deploy a multi tenant uTorrent seed server.

Multi tenant means:

-there are more user accounts who can use the service provided without interfering with others

-the users do not have any knowledge about other user accounts. (are locked in they

respective area)

-The users can not change the system settings, expecially speed, slots or even download folder.

As uTorrent and WebUI doesnt provide any option to accomplish this I tried to do the other way: setting up Windows accounts for the respective uTorrent accounts.

With Windows accounts I have the options to define read/write rights on files or whole drives.

So my concept is.:

each user has its on setting files (settings.dat) in his own Application Data directory.

but the settings.dat is write only, the user cannt modify the settings stored in it.

(like psw, directories, speed settings etc)

I tried to set this up, but unfortunately users can change settings for the running instance,

and continue with the changed settings.

(after closing the uTorrent instance the changes arent flushed to the settings.dat.)

My Question is.:

-Is there any workaround to deal with this issue?

(like advanced options..)

-If there is no workaround, can I post a Change request for the next version?

Cange Request.:

If the user makes changes in current settings and presses OK (accept settings),

the changes are immidiately written out to the settings.dat file.

The user can only work with the new settings after these have been red from the settings.dat



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Uhhh, they are written every 30 minutes... that you have disabled WRITE access means it will get an error (and show in Logger tab if misc errors ENABLED). What you should do is stay in your WebUI thread and see if someone with control over those sorts of things sees it and whether they are thinking of creating a multi-level WebUI ACL, etc, or whatnot.

Btw, your topic title isn't very related to what you're asking.

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The simple answer is that what you're trying to do isn't possible. Don't bother requesting it either, we're not interested. You'll have to come up with your own solution, and that will likely involve some sort of third party tool.

Your best bet would be multiple virtualized Windows copies with proper bandwidth limits set for each. Or something to that extent.

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From the administrative point of view your suggested solution based on Virtual Machines would be ideal,

"virtually unhackabe" but it would eat up resources and the massive I/O load would force the strongest machine to the knees.

(at least I think so)

Is there a standard process in the development where users can ask for CR-s?



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VMWare doesn't use much more resources, except for RAM (so your box would need a fair amount of it). Disk i/o is about the same, ditto for CPU, particularly on modern machines.

as for feature requests, you make a forum thread, we decide whether we're interested. But I already said the interest is zero in making the WebUI work for multi-user situations.

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What is your oppinion about a checkbox in uTorrent settings, which decides whether you can set the preferences remotely or not? (whether you can actually set the preferences remotelly or the preferences are grayed out?) This wouldnt make uTorrent WebUI a multi user plattform itself ...

The above described feature and the ability to start more than one uTorrent instance would make uTorrent accessed via WebUI a multi tennant solution.



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Like I said, there's zero interest on our end to do what you want. the WebUI was designed and is intended for SINGLE user use.

If you wanna do what you want either a) go the VMWare route or B) code something to act as a proxy between the user and server and give you the restrictions you need (php backend or whatever).

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