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Do incoming connections via proxy work?


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Do incoming connections via proxy work? I'm using "plink.exe" to establish a socks5 proxy and outgoing connections are working fine. I have the latest beta of 1.8.1 set to use port 55555 for connections and port 22222 for the proxy and my command line for plink is:

plink -ssh -2 -v -N -l <username> -pw <password> -D 22222 -R 55555:localhost:55555 <remoteserver>

The "-R 55555:localhost:55555" option on plink does cause it to say it is forwarding that port but I see no incoming in uTorrent. :-(

Otherwise it is working fine and with DHT, peer discovery and peer exchange disabled I have examined the peer list and only the <remoteserver> IP appears - my "real" IP isn't getting out.

I did have to enter the <remoteserver> IP into the window labeled "IP / Hostname to report to tracker" as the tracker was also returning my local private IP ( ). Is that a uTorrent bug or ?

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I don't have SSH on my XP box and I'm pretty sure it is just another SSH client like Putty or Plink (or is Putty renamed?) ? Do you know which SSH program it is? It might tell you if you type:


Plink -V reports:

plink: Release 0.60

The client that torrentprivacy supplies is called SSHTunel and reports:

C:\TorrentPrivacy>SSHTunel -V

plink: Release 0.60

Guess they went the "rename plink" route. ;-)



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