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Netgear Cg814wg Routers - Here's How To Get The Green Checkmark


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Finally, after spending all weekend tweaking with uTorrent and with my internet connection I have finally found the trick to getting a good connection. I am a RoadRunner subscriber using a Netgear CG814WG router.

Here's how you set up uTorrent to work correctly with Netgear CG814WG routers:

1. Set up a static IP address (you can get all the information directly from the router interface page)

2. Configure Port Forwarding from the instructions found at the PortForward website.


3. Under "Advanced" on your router's configuration interface; enable "UPnP".

4. Go to your uTorrent client and check "Enable UPnP port mapping".

I hope I have saved someone a few hours of pain and suffering.


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