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2 uTorrents, 2 DSL connections, 1 PC - Please help


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I need help. 1 want to download using 2 connections in 1 PC. So I decided to use 2 uTorrent and bind them with 1 DSL connection each. Unfortunately I can't make it work.

1. outbound.ip option doesn't work. All torrents get red and an error message shows on the tracker. It says address is not valid or something like that. It shows this message in all trackers (private and public). The private trackers don't see the torrents I use. The bind.ip option it doesn't shows any error message. It seems to work fine. I test it in 2 uTorrent versions, in 1 pc and 1 laptop, in windows vista 64bit and 32bit, in 2 different dsl modems with 2 different dsl connections with LAN and USB connections. It simple doesn't work. If I don't use the outbound option it uploads using both connections. Any ideas?

2. How can I install 2 uTorrent in 1 user account? I can't make it work.

Please help me. Thank you.

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