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Giving preference to specific trackers?


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I want to give preference to a specific tracker.

If a torrent is requested from a specific tracker(trackA), I want that tracker to have preference over all other trackers (trackB, trackC, trackD).

To accomplish this...somewhat...the following settings are in place. These settings allocate a majority of the ul rate to trackA.

Global Upload Rate: 25 kB/s

maximum number of active torrents: 5 (all the other requests get queued)

upload limits:

trackA - unlimited

trackB to D 5 kB/s


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Thanks for reply moogly,

Idea is to actually monitor ratios. If you see that one tracker needs a ratio increased, because you downloaded more recently, then you can increase that ratio by giving preference to that tracker.

So...I should have said, "Giving preference to specific TORRENTS?".

Anyone know how?

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