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Can only download one file at a time, regardless of settings...


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I hope you can help with this. I'm baffled.

I've been using uTorrent for almost two years and have never encountered this. I'm on a fast connection and have had my preferences set accordingly. I'm able to allow five simultaneous downloads with no real bandwidth loss, and I seed files as I download as well.

However, today I cannot download more than one file at a time. New files that I bring in have the 'downloading' status displayed, but with no seeds or peers. They are healthy torrents too. I was sure to check with the most well-seeded ones I could find. I double checked my settings; all are as they should be (have been for a long time). It can't be my ISP. I've never had a problem with or because of involvement on their part.

What could be the reason? It's very frustrating, so if anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate it.

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