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dlink ebr 2310 problem


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i just got a dlink ebr 2310 router and its working somewhat well. i did a speed test after i installed it and my speeds were the same as b4. here is the nasty part: when using utorrent to download stuff i get about 10-15 kbps and every 5 minutes or so i cant refresh webpages or surf anything, as if my internet goes out, but utorrent is still downloading and the modem and router lights are going as they should.

when i click in utorrent > speed guide > test if port is forwarded properly sometimes i get OK and sometimes i get ERROR. weird.

so i started on the guides @ portforward.com to forward the ports and setup a static ip address. i did everything the guide said but i think somethings fishy and thats why i need help:

1st thing is that when i do ipconfig /all for my default gateway and dns server i get the same ip

also i get only 1 dns server, not a 2nd for alternate

when i setup the static ip (lets say x.x.x.11), when i saved it and redid the port forwarding check on utorrent when it says:

Checking port 45682 on y.y.y.228 the ip address is different.

i dont know what to do next, if anyone can help id appreciate it greatly, if u need some more info from me ill supply it.

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