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FREE BEER* and troubles adding a torrent for seeding......


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once a download is complete, it is shown as a regular folder like any other on my PC. Whether a movie or music they are .avi or .mp3 for example.

Using the uTorrent interface i can remove files that are complete from the active list.(right click on the file and select "remove".)

How do i put them back on the list to seed them? to help share them.

If i try any of the options on the uTorrent UI window such as 'ADD TORRENT' it searches for files with the extension ".torrent"

When i search for ".torrent" files my PC it says none found? Even though i just downloaded a bunch using uTorrent and then cleared them from the Completed list?!?!?!?

I navigate manually to the folder where finished torrents are stored and the files are .mp3 or .avi or .nfo.... ETC. I don't see any files with .torrent extention even though i just downloaded some.

FOR EXAMPLE: All completed torrent downloads go into the same folder.

If i click and drag any file and drop it into the Utorrent window, i get a error msg:

it says:

Unable to load "Iron.Man[2008]DvDrip-aXXo": Access is denied. !

So if i try to use the uTorrent User Interface button "Add Torrent" it shows the correct folder where my files are stored but they all look empty because it searches for files with the .torrent extension. In the window at the bottom i can change the File type to be displayed. i can change it from .torrent File type to the file type "ALL FILES" and now it shows the files in the folder.

I select a file to add and i get error message:

it says:

Unable to load"Iron.Man[2008]DvDrip-aXXo.avi": Not enough storage is available to procwess this command. !

If you are a user of uTorrent, i urge you to try what i mention above. it only takes a minute and you can see what i mean.

If removed from the Completed list. How do i put them back on the list to seed them again. to help share them.

Thanks for your help all,

Damnedemon - The newest of the new torrent users -

*** Free beer OR beverage of your choice to anyone who can help this lamen of the torrent world ***

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