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Full speed tips for Thompson Speedtouch 510 v4.2.7 with PPPoE


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hi all, just want to share something regarding this modem model. With PPPoE encapsulation (dl1024kbitps and up 384kbitps) supplied by my ISP, I have had a hard time with the Routed-PPPoE-Napt. Having follow all the guides around, even portforward and NETWORK OK is attained, my max dl speed is measely 40kbytes and consistently in range of 5-20kbytes. After 2 weeks of reading n experimenting, I finally achieve full speed. 90-120kbytes This guide applies only (if other modems have similar function, u may want to give a try if ur speed is really pathertic) for the above model with PPPoE encapsulation (PPPoA can do DHCPspoof so it s easier than PPpoE) and a standalone PC (no network with other PCs just you n the modem). Oh pls do all the things stated in Icedog sticky first, I followed that first then do this.

- Turn off the built-in Firewall

Open command line by clicking on Start, Run, type "cmd" (without the quote of course)

In the command window type "telnet"

Enter your username/password to access the modem.

Using the Command Line Interface (CLI), issue the following command ":ip config firewalling=off"

Done, now type "exit"

- Configure your NAT

Open command line again by clicking on Start, Run, type "cmd".

Type "ipconfig /all" Note down all the value there if you want to manually configure your address (just do it), but your ip address will be

Now go to your web-browser, type in to access your modem.

Click on "+advance", then choose "napt" (do your portforward here if you want to be sure), then select "Default server" tab then put in in the box, then apply. All incoming connections will be forwarded to the IP address specified here. This setting should be adequate for most standalone PC.

Click on "save all" to save ur setting

- Turn off the culprit DHCP

DHCP short for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, is a client/server protocol designed for automatic configuration of TCP/IP hosts, and it renews your ip address frequently unless you change the lease time.

Same procedure as NAT, but in "+advance" choose DHCP, since you are a standalone PC, click on "server config" tab, then select "no DHCP", apply.

Click on "save all" to save ur setting.

Suggest you do manual ip,dns configuration now.

Now reboot the Modem simply by pulling out the plug. Done!! Restart everything (incl ur dear PC). Now open utorrent with all good settings and download. Full speed will be attained in 7-15 mins (that's mine). Good luck!

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