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Speed issues after installing SP3 and running CCleaner.


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This is my first post to this forum as I never had any problems with bittorrent ,portforwarding and such.

The two things I have before my problems started saturday, was upgrading with SP3 and running a ccleaner.

Symptoms are slow speed,yellow triangle,or red symbol,it changes,,,,but still it downloads up and down. But slow. Port forward test gives me an error...

Been trough all the guides and tried all possible combinations I can think of. Unistalled NIS, SP3,disabled win firewall ,made new rules etc. My router is probably where the problem is ,a Linskys WRT160n btw,because directly connected to the modem , a Motorola one ,I get the green light and port forward test says everything is ok.

I could of course open ports in the router and such,but since the firewall in the router NEVER has been enabled,and i never had any trouble like this before ,I doubt that the problem really is there.

So now im runnig a fresh NIS install,and only that. Disabled Winfirewall.

I got GET as an ISP here in Norway. They do not limit filesharers.

I have been reading and searching the forum and Google without being able to get nearer a solution,

though I might as well could have missed something,is starting to get really exausted about this...

Anyone got any ideas about what to do?

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