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Confused, very confused


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I was looking for a little advice PLEASE :o) as I'm starting to pull my hair you in big clumps. I've only just started using utorrent and torrent files and have been reading many of the helpful tips which has been posted about speed problem, why because someone I know had a problem with other programs accessing the internet and web pages timing out when utorrent was running and his download speed became really crap (5-10 on 2.2mb connection) as I'm unfamiliar with the whole thing I tried my best and then thought I'd play with it on my own pc (w2k) and my download rate started not to bad 50-100 on a 2.2mb connection but had the same problem with programs accessing the internet then after a few hours I started to get the same problem with very slow download speed. knowing he had changed a lot of settings I thought id read up on utorrent as much as I could in the faq and forum before I got started trying to fix it; reading such thing as too many connections, not enough peers\seeds, causing bottle necks in you bandwidth and downloading to many files at once could be causing the problem. At this point I still I still hadn't changed anything and was still downloading and had a few queued. I left it over night to carry on (@at 5-20dl speed) the next evening some had finished downloading and where seeding others were still hard at work. but very slow still so I thought I'd try to fix the problem and change the upload from the default (unlimited which of course fixed the problem with programs accessing the internet and timeout problem) I first changed the upload speed to be 20kB\s (20%ish of upload speed) and my download speed doubled again understandable if it was causing my bandwidth to be eaten all up. Reduces the upload speed again and it got faster until I set it at 5kB\s then the total download speed maxed at 220kB\s and jump between that and 150 never going any lower and that was with four or five simulations downloads plus seeding all with different amounts of peer etc and still using the default setting. so I thought id cracked it and was singing the praises of utorrent and left it at that, HOWEVER this is where I've become confused after leaving it running for only a few hours the total download speed dropped dramatically to 10 -50 sometimes peeking at 100 only for a few seconds and has not returned to 120kB\s+ since and now it feel far happier downloading around 30

I've since tried all these suggestions about what to do to increasing download speed but nothing has worked, gurrrrrrrr

Does this mean you download speed is being capped until you give enough back to the torrents or has it something to do with the ratio (which I'm not sure what it represents.)

Please if there anyone out there that has the answer please help as there are now three other people I know with the same problem as me.


Grass Cat

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I have my port forwarded, have my upload speed capped at 80% of capacity (or thereabouts) and when testing with some files from the TOP 100 at Pirate Bay, get upwards of my max (196) during that time. Regular, less popular torrents vary from like 40-80 top average, depending, at least for me.

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