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Prioritizing seeders geographically local national


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I'm just a bit puzzled as to how uTorrent works.

(I'm from Australia and ) I'm seeding this torrent - and for some reason - I'm uploading to people from Brazil, America, China etc..

Not trouble about that really.

But I notice that there are other downloaders from Australia - and I'm not seeding to them.

Shouldn't priority first go to those downloaders who are closest geographically to the seeder?

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If you have low latency and high(er) upload speeds to peers in the same region as you, then uTorrent will already "prefer" them if they can also upload quickly back. But with asymmetric connections with tiny upload maxes, they probably can't. ...So you end up spending a lot of your upload "hunting" for peers willing to upload quickly back to you, because ISPs in your region give small upload speeds and have poor latency to each other...or due to lagged computers running the BitTorrent software.

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