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Lots of Wasted data (no HashFails)


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Heya all,

I've been using uTorrent for a few weeks now, and in the last week I've noticed a great increase in Wasted data (but there are no Hashfails) on all of the torrents. I.E - opened a new torrent, downloaded only 10m and already 1.5m wasted (torrent has been working for less than an hour). For torrents that had been working for a few days I can get 50m or more of wasted data.

Is this normal?

Is there anyting I can do to reduce this number?

PS: I'm on a 1.5Mbit/128Kbit ADSL.


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hi admin.

im having the same problem in Utorrent... i am downloading a large ISO file in rar format of 4GB. right now its 50 % completed

and so for the wasted data is 30 MB with no hash files.. i just want to ask.. will that 30 MB ( or after completetion if more) wasted data effect on my download ? im on 256K DSL...IF it does how to cure ? or should i stop downloading coz its estimated time still 2days.and this is the first time im downloading this much big file from Utorrent and i have no idea about it..

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