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Traffic Shaping X Encryption


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Hi everyone,

first of all, sorry my bad english, i don't speak english very well.

I use uTorrent 1.8.1 12323.

The problem is that the encryption method isn't avoiding traffic shaping from my ISP.

I dunno what i should do (if i can do something about it)..

it's impossible to download large files at 10kb/s..

maybe the developers should try a new method of encryption.. i dunno.. someting to solve this problem that affects a lot of users.

ps: the problem isn't the trackers/seeds/peers.

thanks, and again, sorry my bad english.

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My post directly under the link (which I included to explain what I was talking about) tells the equivalent settings in uTorrent...though not all can be duplicated. :(

For others searching for help, zerozero's ISP is Brasil Telecom in Brazil/Brasil...probably ADSL definitely sucks.

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