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Annoying Problems


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I'm pretty sure these problems are related to utorrent in some way, but I don't know what is wrong.

-Loss of wireless connection

-BSOD (blue screen of death)

-Skipping/Stuttering in videos

I went to task manager and set utorrent for CPU0 only. This seems to have stopped the BSOD, but I haven't left utorrent on long enough recently to make sure if it actually did stop. I sometimes disconnect from the internet while running utorrent, and the only way I fix it is to restart my laptop. I'm not completely sure if the stuttering in videos is because of utorrent, but it seems to happen around the disconnection, and it can also be fixed be restarting.

I run utorrent on my desktop and nothing like this happens, though I have a wired connection for it.

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