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Completed Torrent; Files play via utorrent but not via windows explore


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Had a very large torrent (30 gig of videos) and it finally completed (yay!).

Strange thing though. Upon completion, the downloaded files were NOT moved to my completed downloads folder as per all my other downloads. The files remained in the incomplete downlods folder.

Now for the problem;

In utorrent, I can double click on the files and they will open in my default video player (VLC) and play with no problems.

If I browse to the files using windows explorer and double click the files, VLC will either report the file as broken, not play it at all, or play it with chunks missing.

I have forced a re-check of the download in utorrent and it says it is complete.

I have checked almost every file. They all play via utorrent, but not via windows explorer.

I have copied the files from the incomplete folder to another folder and they still do not play.

I know the download is complete and correct, but it's as if utorrent hasn't 'tagged' the files as complete and thus why they are still in the incomplete folder an also why they won't play via windows explorer.

Any ideas on a fix so I'm not stuck playing the files via utorrent?



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