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Why would my up speed be greater than my download speed??


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Hey all, hope all's well where you're at...

Firstly big thanks go out to 1c3d0g and Firon (and all others) for your dedication and patience for all us noobs! Nice one guys...

Been using uTorrent for a couple of weeks, liking it... had been using BitSpirit and BitComet and Azurues. (until they got banned on Privates)

here's my deal:

Win XP SP2 (patched)

Sygate Personal Pro

Port Forward thru Router (http://www.portforward.com/)

uTorrent 1.3

using both private (BitSoup/TorrentLeech) and public (Usually PirateB) trackers

Im in the UK with 2MB cable connection...exact reading as per http://www.adslguide.org.uk/tools/speedchart

1919 Kbps/183 Kbps (it was 20.00 GMT so a bit busy, would usually get closer to 1991/191 early morning)

My settings after using 1c3d0g's guide (thanks again)

Network Options:

Global max upload = 15

Global max down = 155

Torrent Options:

Global max connections =191

Max peers per torrent = 23

Upload per torrent = 3

Advanced Options:

net.max half open = 95

My UP speed is approx 18kbs and my download is about 10kbs on a not so well supported public torrent. (2 seeds/42 peers)

(as a side note no one in the peer list is using that (death to bandwidth) leeching client BitComet 1.01)

In fairness the tracker (tracker.prq.to) has been down for a couple of weeks now.

No hash fails either.

So WTFudge? I aint ever seen the up speed greater than download speed!

Any glimmer/shed some light on this, oh enlightened ones??

Hope this finds you well,

Bests, G.

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1.) Thank you. :D

2.) tracker.prq.to is almost always down. DHT will take care of you, so don't worry about that. :P

3.) Could Sygate be the limiting factor? Have you turned off the Windows Firewall while using Sygate? What about the other way around (try Windows Firewall and turn off Sygate)? :|

4.) Some ISP's throttle down all uncommon ports, which means anything other than ports 21, 25, 80 (and possibly a few others). So it could be that you can't download at full speed because your ISP is limiting you at only 10kB/s. Not good. :/

5.) It might also be that your storage device is extremely slow, but I wouldn't really count on that being the culprit. But if it is, you might want to change your diskio.write_queue_size to 2x - 4x your maximum download speed. :)

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Thanks for the timely reply, guys.

Excuse me I was watching the new Battlestar, oh jeez! (Cyclone MF'ers/kill the Pegasus crew)!!!


2) Interestingly I turned off DHT and it's still coming through on that torrent. Understand that I can keep it on and private trackers automatically disable it, although (maybe I'm talking sh!t) but it seems to use up bandwidth!?

3) Excuse me I should of included that...yes absolutely Windows Firewall is turned off.

I don't think Sygate is limiting as I've been keeping a close eye on the connection details and given uT advanced port exceptions.

4) I don't think NTL are throttling, I just d/l'd the new BSG at 180kbs+ (thru a private tracker)

5) Nice, never thought of that. Oh now you've depressed me, just remembered that I'm still on a 133 bus/256mb RAM (I know, I know) with a 5400rpm 2MB cache HDD!! Ok it is unlocked, overclocked, page filed and defrag'd to the max. I havent quite made the jump to Linux, know it's the right thing to do!! But I want a new rig!! Any donations welcome :rolleyes:

This is a funny one, 1/2 hour ago my d/l speed was over 40kbs and up was a stable 15! Just had a look again and it's reverted back to 10 down and 15 up--obvly down to this specfic torrent and seed/peer support.

Firon/1c3d0g: Guys is there any way ppl can check to see if their ISP is throttling? I'm sure you've already covered this, but you know what us knobs, excuse me, noobs are like...what search function?, google smoogle?!!

PS re: 4) ...although I don't know about others with a 'newer' (in the past year) NTL connection. I have been with them from the start (4+yrs) and recently told them in no uncertain terms :lol: that they will not meter or throttle my connection!!

If anyone is reading this thinking who does he think he is; let me tell you...YOU are a consumer, YOU have choices...say you want to cancel, get onto their retention dept, speak to a senior associate and mention Bulldog 8MB, even if it's not in your area it will be soon. They'll start calling you Sir/Madam and thank you for your business...that's also a good time to ask for a discount! I get unlimited phone and 2MB for 20 quid p.m., instead of £35+

And oh, if they call you out and say OK cancel then, you can always laugh and say oh well no harm in asking eh? And then still ask for a deal, just say it "I want a deal, you have the authority to give it to me, so give it to me"!! Be kind, be courteous and above all...Stroke their ego! (Mantra: I want a deal, I deserve the deal)!

And it does help if you speak to a guy, because women always do their jobs better than men and are usually hard asses, particualry with those in authority! Have you ever tried to dodge the train fare by accidently falling asleep? No? No not me either, :P but I had a friend that was woken up and shaken violently by a nice lady conductor! On the flip side if your a lady asking an NTL/Telewest guy, it works even better, start crying!! works very well with policemen as well, so I believe!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained...and the only stupid question is the one that's not asked!! :cool:

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DHT is a completely separate network, it's always on (unless you turn it off in Torrent Options), regardless of it it's disabled by the private flag or unused by any torrents. The only difference is that it may be on, but a torrent doesn't necessarily have to use it.

Basically the only way to tell if your ISP is throttling is to run a "fast" torrent like Openoffice. If you get good speeds, it's not the ISP. http://distribution.openoffice.org/p2p/

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Thanks Firon, just tried that waiting on it scaling up...

Is there any other reason (other than what we covered) that the up speed would be greater than download speed?

It is, just to reiterate, only on this torrent, other torrents are chonking in by the by.


Oh yeah that did help (quite a bit) 35kbs down/11kbs up, nice one :D

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