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Disk Space 'bug'?


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first off, nice client!


disk space is a problem for me, lots of big files, not lots of big HDDs.

i tinkered with setts (oops) and turned off diskio.sparse_files.

apparently all my large files were allocated to hdd. not the whole 4.4Gigs, just every bit of every piece that was actively downloading..... it works out to be about 90% of the 4.4Gigs. multiplied x the 5 files i was working on.

i changed the setts back and restarted client. i rechecked files and still no disk space.

i have 20Gigs of allocated files and 5-10% are actually on my disks.

i need to get rid of the allocated part of all these files without deleating the file parts actually downloaded.

i trust that starting a 50M 'piece' isnt going to allocate that 50M to disk?

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