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just a quick question really; i have a handful of torrents with multiple files contained; the entire collection is around 40GB so i generally line up the first 10 files, set them to high priority, the next 10 as normal, the next 10 as low and the remaining files as "do not download".

As the high priority downloads are done, i change them to "do not download", the normal to high, low to normal and the next "batch" to low.

Example screenshot:-


the question is: does changing the priority of these files affect UPLOAD speed of these files? Is this "bad practice"?

I read somewhere on the forum that as the torrent reaches completion, speed changes etc? I can't find the post to re-read and digest it (sorry, i did try!).

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It's pointless in that it makes no difference. Setting a file to skipped won't cause it to stop being uploaded; it'll only cause non-shared pieces belonging to the file to not be requested. Availability for those files, as such, will probably be lowered slightly relative to other pieces, which may cause changes in the way the swarm request pieces (rarity and all).

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