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Ut behind a DLink wireless router and AlphaShield


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Hello Mates. In my last post I had mentioned that I was using Norton 360. Since then I have downgraded to Norton Internet Security 2008, following that Norton 2008 and now finally McAfee 2008. I was really disgusted with Norton since it blocked all of my incoming ports no matter how carefully I specified them. So, to defend my self I went out and brought an AlphaShield, I know this product inside out since my bro's dad patterned this a few years back. I have setup my firewall on manual with a specific range of ports left open via their ACU tool, software.

Following this I have also opened the ports on my wireless router for it to work hand in hand with my firewall. Naturally I have opened my net.max and EvID4226Patch223d-en to further benefit from increased speed. Furthermore, I have turned off my windows firewall and windows updates. Finally I am using IPV6 and Ut 1.8.1 Beta at this time.

According to my speed test my D/L speed is 4784 Kb/s and U/L speed of 444 Kb/s while having 35 pins open. According to netstat -a | find "LISTENING" I have a list of ports open and more importantly my Ut port is open, for a fact.

I also am able to see the green check mark that reads "Network OK your network connection is working like it should". But at times when I run Speed Guide it says that the port is blocked, but I know its open since the green light is on and my firewall is on ALL GREEN MODE, which means a OK.

Ut is working as it should. I have had my firewall installed for 3 days now and my D/L has only been 10- 15 Gbish. My problem is that at most times the green light is on and every thing is downing well D/L jumps between 100- 280Kbs. But BEFORE I had my firewall, my peak D/L was 560Kbs. I have never REACHED this, which I want to, so can someone please help me.

Also my other problem is that at times the green arrow changes to a red exclamation mark and my D/L drops to between 80- 100Kbs, which I am trying to figure out why since no other program is using this port and every thing was working excellent with the existing settings. After about 10 to 30 mins it pops back to green light. So I need someone to help me with this new exclamation mark problem as well.

I have installed a fresh copy of Ut since my OS crashed so I doubt I had the chance yet to muck it up, and have only played with the download and upload numbers and disk caching values. Any help would be very highly appreciated.


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