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various problems with uTorrent and my internet


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First of all, I want you guys to know that I've tried pretty much everything before posting this, i've searched everywhere (uTorrent forums, google, yahoo answers) and i've followed pretty much every procedure i've found that can help.

A few info first of all: I have a TP-Link TL-WR541G router.

I use uTorrent v 1.8

My connection is 256kb speed, so the optimum upload after testing is 6Kb/s

Global number of connections: 100

Maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 50

number of upload slots per: 2

Now, I have 2 problems that are bothering me and I can't solve

1) 3/4 of the time I'm downloading, i have the no incoming connections exclamation mark, even though there's no firewall blocking uTorrent or anything. However, download speeds are usually not so horrible for my connection (28-30kb/s). However, sometimes the green light does show, without me doing anything, which is somewhat wierd. Now, I have set up port forwarding, and i've triple-checked that the IPs and ports are correct. However, none of the port testers (including uTorrent's) say that it is open. I think the problem is from my ISP, which is VISP (VirtualISP) according to them. I live in lebanon, yet the servers are based in germany (first time i open google, it opens google.de, same with youtube).

2) Usually, speeds are good even with the incoming connections exclamation mark.

However, some specific torrents (which i'm not allowed to name right now) would stay at 4-5 KB/s maximum, while the upload would be normal. However, I'd try this torrent on Vuze, or my friend would at the same time on his connection (even lower than mine, 128k) and it would give awesome speeds.

So, I really have been troubled by these two problems, and any feedback is GREATLY appreciated.

P.S: I tried testing my ISP on Glasnost, but the test never finishes, it always gives me an error with 30 seconds or so left.

Thanks a million, in advance.

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According to speedtest.net my download speed is 263 kbs and my upload is 31, although I wouldn't trust the upload thing very much, it's always varying. But my ISP has said my connection is 256kb download, so I guess they're right. And my router is connected to a cable (my connection is cable, not DSL)

And Switeck, I tried that, for other downloads, speed is still good and nothing differs, and the no incoming connections light is still on (yellow), and the specific torrent i was talking about still tops at 5kb/s...

Oh and i've patched and set my net.max_halfopen to 30

Ok So I changed my static IP back inside the range my router gives, and modified the port forwarding also, and now it's topping at 8-9 KB/s (still not close to the normal speed, but twice as much as before)

Again, if you missed it, other torrents are downloading fine, so it's just this one and a few others, even though using other clients or different connections it's much better. So I don't really think the number of connections and such is the problem. If you'd like to know which torrent that is, pm me

Thanks again

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"net.max_halfopen to 30"


Attempting 30 new outgoing connections at once, on TOP of all incoming connections you get because uTorrent isn't firewalled.

There are reasons it defaults to 8...and not just because Win XP/Vista has a limit of 10 at once normally. :P

"my upload is 31"

If that's right, you can't even upload 4 KB/sec. :(

You have upload max set to 1-3 KB/sec?

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Well, not only did that specific download become worse, but all downloads in general now wont go above 5kb/s...so I guess the problem is still far from solved:P


I've been trying to optimize uTorrent for 2 weeks now, and I always end up failing.

If I were to reset all my settings and start again from scratch, would I be able to continue the torrents that might get deleted?

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Set your upload lower to 4... it sounds like your connection is being overloaded. Btw, I really feel and understand for your situation that you want your theoretical 32 KiBps max, if your friend can consistently get 15 KiBps.

Go to Switeck's 2nd link and try setting your numbers to low dialup analogs... 56K even. Understand on such a low bandwidth connection ANY traffic upstream can aggregate to a majority of your maximum. You should also follow the sticky's advice and make sure you have all unnecessary transfer-causing features turned off. PEX is basically the only extra feature which doesn't cost additional consistent upload. I almost hate to ask.. what do the test torrents from http://slackware.com/torrents/ speed-in at?

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The same torrent that I used to max my speed 3 days ago....3 days ago, it hit 45kb/s

Today, :'( ... it's not going above 15 :'(...even after i reset my settings and then got everything back to the way it was.

And also, if i really lower my speeds, then it will tell me download limited.

One more thing, see, the thing is before i tampered with it, it was normal, so I don't think my connection is the problem...it's something I did that I have no idea how to reverse:(


Slackware is now downloading at 6 KB/s now :'( ...and it looks stable


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So, now, somehow, another torrent is downloading at 36kb/s !!!!

I don't know whether to say Hallelujah, or wtf.

It's 2 AM where I am, so i'm gonna sleep.

I'm guessing tomorrow things will go back to the shitty way they are.

Cause I have no idea wtf is happening to change those speeds! Seriously!

Thanks alot guys, and thanks for your fast responses

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To "defeat" uTorrent v1.8's download limiting features when you set your upload really low...

You'll need to set global upload speed to 6 KB/sec.

And set each individual torrent's upload speed to only 3-4 KB/sec.

Did you try lowering net.max_halfopen back to 8?

(Even lowering it to 4 isn't a bad idea.)

Each outgoing connection attempt costs a bit of UPLOAD bandwidth, and that's something you have precious little of.

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