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utorrent exceeds max number of connections set


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my internet is 1.5Mbit/256Kbit

in preferences -> bandwidth -> number of connections

global max number of connections is set to 100

max number of connected peers per torrent is set to 70

number of upload slots per torrent is set to 3

however, sometimes after utorrent has been running for a while, the total number of connections of utorrent goes over 100, not just by a little bit, but something like 200+

any idea what's going on? is there any other setting that overrides the global max number of connections?

thanx a lot in advance....

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uTorrent v1.8 has a serious problem with its half open connection limit handling.

The latest v1.8.1 beta should have that cleared up, so try it.

What is net.max_halfopen set to in your uTorrent anyway? (it should be 8)

Other things in uTorrent that temporarily make connections or use UDP packets:

DHT, LPD, UPnP, NAT-PMP, and Resolve IPs (right-click in PEERS window of an active torrent to disable).

Disabling them temporarily can at least let you see if they're the cause.

You might also want to try the 256 kilobits/second upload settings found in my Speed Guide -- 2nd link of my signature. My guide is far more conservative in max connections than uTorrent's normal Speed Guide (CTRL+G).

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