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uTorrent NT Service Error


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Hey all,

came across a little problem I'm hoping you can help me with.

I'm running a dedicated uTorrent service on a Windows Server 2003 R2 O/S.

I have installed uTorrent as a service so users do not have to be logged in to the box and can control the application through WebUI over the network.

However, with the service running there seems to be a port conflict. When first installed last night I was getting a good seed speed, but after checking from work today I noticed my seeds were connected but not active. So I logged into the server and ran the application, uTorrent reports "Listen Error: You Should Change Your Listening Port"

I ran command line prompt and stopped the service with

net stop uTorrent

I then ran the application which promptly connected and started seeding immediately. So I closed the application and started up the service again using

net start uTorrent

Again, the application will connect and show seeds but will not upload, showing the "you should change port" listen error.

Has anyone come across this bug before? I can kind of see why it's happening but do not know enough about uTorrent to fix the issue.

Thanks in advance


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