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How upload a multitracker torrent without changing the hash ?


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I explain my issue.

I got a torrent from a semi-private tracker and want to upload this torrent on many public trackers/aggregators without having to change the hash, the main concept being to profit of DHT & Local Peer Exchange between public trackers.

So I have few questions about that.

1/ May I modify the .torrent with a special text editor to change the private announce and add public announces (eg TPB, etc...) ?

If yes, with which text editor (I know only Edxor) that doesn't modify the hash of the new .torrent ?

2/ I know there are bittorrent aggregators with multitracker torrents.

Do you know if it's possible to upload the initial .torrent (without modifying it) on a public aggregator and this one adds itself multitracker announces ?

Maybe one public tracker is enough to spread the .torrent on aggregators ?

In conclusion how upload a private .torrent on public trackers with the same hash ? Where ? :)

Thx in advance.

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Ok thx for the text editor but I have another question.

When you dwl a torrent (eg on search-torrent.com or onlytorrents.com) from an aggregator, there is a ton of announces inside it but these specified trackers have a torrent copy too ??

So if I create a 10-tracker torrent may I upload it on the 10 ones ?

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