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Too large file for my harddisk


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I have a problem with downloading a pack of movies. 6 seperate files in one 30GB pack.

I thought my 37 GB harddisk was big enough, but it looks like its not. I have much free space on external drives.

How can I sort this out without deleting the 26GB allredy downloaded?

I will be very glad if someone can help.

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1)Check what HDD Format you are using. FAT16 takes up too many data blocks so it wastes space, FAT32 should be fine or NTFS.

2) stop the torrent and copy all downloaded data to another disk.

3) Format the Drive if needed

4) Paste the data back and start the torrent up again

5) If thats a no go, go to the folder view options in windows explorer and find the option "do not cache thumbnails" untick it

6) Restart

That should fix it otherwise try it on another drive.

To give you the low down on what unticking the cache thumbnails does. When enabled windows stores a cache of all video pictures ect on the disk

It Just makes sure you can get a quick preview on the video and or pictures. Unfortunately this cache that windows makes takes up room and usually makes torrents stop because it has no room left on the drive.

It most commonly stops at around 98 percent but as you said you've got allot of movies so allot of content to cache obviously.

Let me know how it goes. Just make sure you backup the .torrent file otherwise you will have to download it again from the tracker.

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Well ..... or not. ;) Recall that 1.8 can now relocate individual files in multi-file torrents. Files tab, Relocate the files you haven't downloaded.... or can't fit on the existing disk. Alternatively, yes you can move data you finish to your externals if you're worried about the bottleneck of r/w and re-path that way.

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