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Private Trackers


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private trackers are community-based sites that you sign up for, with a login/pass. they have restrictions based on a ratio (amount uploaded to downloaded) so that you have to seed if you don't want to get kicked off. usually they have dedicated uploaders who upload the original scene releases from groups (i assume you know what groups are). they also have forums and fill requests, etc. finding them is another matter. sometimes their torrents get leaked onto the more public search engines (torrentspy/isohunt), so you may be able to hunt some down that way. usually the passkeys involved get changed before many can download so don't expect to download, just maybe you can find some addresses of private sites that way. in general it's more of a word of mouth thing, unless you can find a topsites page for private trackers, but i've never seen one.

that torrent-finder site in the other thread has a couple private ones listed, i'm not going to tell you which ones they are, but you might want to start there. ;)

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