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Won't shut down!


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Everytime I exit uTorrent it acts as if it has really closed. But it is still listed as being open on the processes section of the task manager. None of the processes can be closed down from here.

Also when I attempt to open the program again I am informed by a dialog box that uTorrent is already running.

What is going on?

I'm running Vista Home premium with SP1. My version of uTorrent is the most recent.

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I had the same problem.

Closing utorrent was in fact not possible: after hitting the close-button, the program stayed "not responding"... The only solution was restarting the computer.

I uninstalled ZoneAlarm and (like Firon said) everything is working just fine!

It's a strange thing. I like ZoneAlarm and used it for years and never had problems with it until the last few months... Maybe they are working on it?

I'm very happy that I found this forum (and the solution for the problem).

Thank you, guys!

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