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Problem with Port Checker.

T. PT.

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Good day mates. :)

I've setup my Windows Vista with a static IP so I could forward the listening port of uTorrent to it. However, when I used the port checker (cos' I got a 'red icon'), the ip it uses differs from the static ip that I've set to my system. And thus : Error! Port 51046 does not appear to be open.

For eg.

Static IP Set :

IP used by uTorrent's Port Checker :

Would appreciate some help. Thanks in advance and have a nice day.

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uTorrent's Port Checker checks your internet ip address (, not your computer's LAN ip address (

IF everything is set up correctly, your computer receives the call-back attempt to your internet ip.

Did you check your modem for a possible mini-router and/or firewall in it that has to be configured or disabled?

Any software firewalls on your computer? Many antivirus and antispyware programs now contain software firewalls "internet protection" as well.

Your ISP, Maxonline in Singapore, cripples international traffic speeds (or at least your uploads to them) and probably BitTorrent traffic as well...so don't be surprised if uTorrent doesn't reach >100 KB/sec down or up.

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