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utorrent crashing only with "MouseImp Pro Live"


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From what I have got from google is that the program is "A reliable assistant that turns your mouse into a simple, native but powerful controlling device"

If it is incompatible which you have stated, remove it.

Are you intending for this post to be one to get help or do just want the developers to jot down the incompatible program then fix it?

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Another MouseImp user. Using it for about 10 years. If one or the other has to go, it's going to have to be µTorrent. MouseImp is a productivity tool; users typically experience a huge increase in efficiently navigating large documents.

MouseImp works just like the iPhone's finger-drag (or Mozilla's grab-and-drag) so instead of scroll-wheeling and scroll-wheeling; a user just pushes the page up or across. Every document, email, webpage or large graphic can be navigated that way.

Not trying to sell it, just trying to impress that MouseImp can be a core part of operating a computer fast. Great though it may be, µTorrent is not. I have dumped entire ofice suites when they failed to 'play nice' with MI, so why take TG's suggestion to "remove it" because µTorrent crashes?

I'd rather keep both MouseImp and µTorrent,so it would be best if the developers fixed it.

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@jpatrick: If I ("MouseImp") am some kind of door-to-door computer technician who does an excellent job fixing up computers, but that I also have a tendency to rip up books ("µTorrent") in the customers' homes while I'm on the job, how would you feel if, after ripping up your books on duty (hypothetically) at your home, I told you it was your fault, and that you should be the one to compensate for and fix the problems I created?

Right. It doesn't make any sense. But that's exactly how your demands sound to me.

Edit: To be fair, I don't know what the technical details are behind the crash, but from a bird's eye overhead view, this is the most logical conclusion: MouseImp is hooking into an application, presumably overriding some behavior in the host application, thus causing the application to crash. If MouseImp plans on hooking into an application, it needs to be damn sure it plays nicely in the host application's sandbox. It makes no sense for a host to bend over its back for the guest when the guest is the one barging into the host's home.

Can it be worked around? I have no idea. A dev did look at the issue a few years ago, but didn't really make too much headway on the matter. If there really is no way to work around the problem, then the one causing the disaster should be the one that stays away from the site of disaster -- MouseImp should allow users to exclude specific processes from being hooked onto, because µTorrent certainly can't prevent it.

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