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Vista64 torrents dont seem to be performing the same as they did on XP


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Let me just start of by saying I am not a total newbie when it comes to torrents. Ive been on several private trackers for years now and I understand how things work and I know when I am seeing a significant difference.

I upgraded from Xp Pro to Vista64 (mainly because I wanted to utilize 4gb of ram). I have NOT patched TCPIP because of issues with Vista64. It runs integrity checks on the files/drivers now and a modified TCPIP causes you to have to press F8 at every boot to bypass this or else the system will not boot. Because of this I have waited to patch until a solution comes along. There may be a solution now but I haven't checked in a bit. Furthermore, Ive read that the TCPIP patches may not really have much effect on speed anyway. These are just half open connections and in real world use it shouldn't realistically affect speeds much. I really don't know what else Vista may have changed but outside of the TCPIP Not being patched I cant explain this phenomenon I "seem" to be seeing with Vista.

My download speeds are generally the same (maybe slightly slower?). But the main thing I do notice is its takes a LOT longer for newly added torrents to pick up seeders/peers and start actually downloading. Once they get rolling the speeds are pretty much the same. However, my upstream seems to be slower. I seem to be connected to less peers on a consistent basis and my upload speeds have been noticeably slower. I stall out really quick now it seems too. In fact, I have had a much harder time reseeding things since I switched to Vista. I am really quite surprised.

-My router is setup properly, port check always confirms.

-I am running latest stable DD-WRT firmware on WTRGL and I DO have all of the recommended torrent optimizations applied (as I have for a LONG time).

-I experienced no issues with XP Pro, patched TCPIP, and the same router settings.

-I am generally always green although sometimes it tells me I have no incoming connections.

-I am running latest Eset Smart Security - firewall is enabled but allows BT. Windows firewall is disabled. Disabling all firewalls does not seem to affect this issue.

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I've heard Eset Smart Security does not work properly on Vista and your only hope may be its complete uninstall. That's all I can quickly think of to test.

...You didn't mention what settings uTorrent is using or the speed of your connection. Sometimes bad settings can cause bad problems.

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