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No Speed at all


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I am getting very very slow dl speeds... pc has vista with sp1. I am in Japan. with an advertised connection of 160mb/10mb

speed test one.= net access 1827K/bs Down, and 307K/bs up

Speed test two= Megapath 2048K/bs Down, and 571K/bs up

Speed test three= 2106K/bs Down, and 380K/bs up

Those servers are in California so that may explain the slow speeds. When I use a server in Asia i get about

15000K/bs Down and 600K/bs up

I cant seem to get above 40 k/Bs Download speed for any one torrent. However, when i tested the slacker file, i peaked at 5.6mb/s and avg was 3.4 mb/s download speed.....

My current settings are

Download- Unlimited

Upload- 47 limit

Global Max Connections- 250

Max Peers per torrent- 90

upload slots per torrent- 4

Max number of active torrents 6

Max Active Downloads 4

Torrents appear to have plenty of seeds... example 17(1360) and 19(2430) but speed is only downloading at about 14k/Bs

Connected directly to Motorola Surfboard Modem and port is open. Using Avg antivirus and Comodo firewall.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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Motorola Surfboard Modems as a general rule, don't handle lots of connections very well...they slow down. :(

Try the conservative uTorrent settings in the 2nd link of my signature.

Also try disabling DHT (both kinds), LPD, and Resolve IPs (right-click in Peers window of an active torrent).

You might also get better results with encryption in uTorrent set to Enabled outgoing, if it's not already. I'm unaware of any Japan ISP disrupting uTorrent -- but you probably connect to many peers and seeds on hostile ISPs that need encryption.

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Thanks switeck,

I have changed my settings to

max upload 560

global max connections 400

max peers per torrent 100

upload slots per torrent 10

active torrents 15

downloads 10

and disabled all dht and ldp as well as resolve ips

unfortunately, i have not noticed any real increase. yesterday for a short time only i was uploloading at around 300 and downloading at 300 but that was only one torrent. the others were turtle slow

also tried the open office link which only downloaded at 9k/Bs or so

any other ideas?

thank you again.

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