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Upload Spikes


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Hi, im been noticing upload spikes in utorrent ever since 1.8 was released. the upload speed will every now and then go over the upload limit (50k/s) and shoot straight to 80k+ before slowing dropping back down.

During the upload spike, my download speed will drop to very low (10K) before rising back up when the upload spike is over. This will occur every 5 mins over and over again at all hours of the day.

The thing is, i only see this problem only when the torrent(s) im downloading is full of 1.8 ut users. if i download a torrent that has mostly bitcomet(or any other client) users, the speed is great and there are no upload spikes.

i use no router, refreshed my firewall rules (windows firewall), patched TCPIP.SYS, Windows SP3.

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2nd link in my signature for more conservative settings for uTorrent. These should tend to help BEST on smaller torrent swarms with slow peers and seeds.

(NOTE: Settings are UPLOAD based!)

1st link in my connection for troubleshooting beyond that.

NOTE: Your ISP is anti-BitTorrent. They're certainly disrupting your results. :(

Encryption may help...sometimes.

More details about how here:


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