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How compatible are webseed (or web seed) files created using utorrent?


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Have managed to successfully create a torrent file using utorrent which when copied to another computer and run on that computer will download from the webseed location (created in this process) no problem using a utorrent client.

However when I tried to use the Azureus client (which is supposed to be compatible with the GetRight and BitTornado standards) to download the file from the specified webseed location in the torrent file i had no luck.

I am just wondering how compatible the webseed protocol in the torrent files made with utorrent are with other web clients and which if any are compatible just now.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help...

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If it's the same URL and the URL is accessible, it should be working... something about the location is at fault. IIRC only bittornado (is .18 still the newest?) supports it's proposed webseed extension http://bittornado.com/docs/webseed-spec.txt .. the other "getright" spec http://getright.com/seedtorrent.html is supported by Azureus as of 2.4 according to the top hits on "getright webseed" on google, among them http://getright.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=340

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If I can find time for it (which I might be able to) I can check out all the different web seeding clients listed here


Just thought it might be easier posting it up on a forum and asking others experiences

As long as at least one of the peers in the network can connect to the webseed (using one of the marked clients on the list) then this should prevent the feed from going dead

I'm hoping in the future we won't have this problem though as surely all the bittorrent clients will jump on the webseeding bandwagon and a standard will be fully established, evidently we're not quite there yet

Thanks for your help, I will post up any other positive results I find

Are the results you've given for webseeding with these clients using the torrent file or just connecting to other seeds as I think there might be a few seeds out there now, is it even possible to tell?

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