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Well known issues...not so known


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Hi, this is my first post, first of all thanks four your job and for that great piece of soft that u develope.

I've been using uTorrent for quite a long time, never experiencing any problem (and year's experience with P2P)

Since last weeks I started to get router congestion ( i.e. browsing not possible and need to reboot router ), so I started to search in the FAQ, guides and wiki, finally finding that my router (a very old Efficient Networks Speedstream 5660) have difficulties with so much peer connections uTorrent uses.

I've tried all solutions suggested, including latest router firmware and deactivation of DHT, UPnP and so on, but this won't solve the issue. Since it happens from 1.8, I decided to try 1.8.1 beta, but no luck. "Well, lets go back to 1.7.7, wich I never had issues with it" I wondered. But, surprisingly, I also had router congestion with this older version.

With pain, I switched back to azureus ( I was in love with uT, but a man has to do what a man has to do >.<) and again with surprise I've discovered that I have no problems wih this BT client (although this issue can be perfectly found specified in the Azureu's wiki)...mysteries of life.

This is more a reflexion than a Help-me post, just to wonder how complex life is...I can't believe I was using uT with no problems a few weeks ago and now its impossible 4 me to run it more than 1 hour (it starts good, but at some point ir messes my router)...

BTW, I'm searching for another newr router, since mine is 13 years old.

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