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Multi-user Webui-Shell

Lord Alderaan

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Yes, I tried rutorrent way before find utorrent server.

I don't remember why I gave up. I will give it a second try with a raspberry pi to see how it works with it.

This solution still works great for who need a simple multi user installation without many advanced features.

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Hi there,

I know this is old, but I think this is something with potential and very usefull!

For people like me that have a shared internet connection and a server running uTorrent, having a multi-user interface would just be great! The problem is that the source code seems to be gone :(

I would love to have access to that code and pick up the project from the point where it was left!

Any chance that would be possible?


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Hello all ...

Friends, I need to download this webui-shell but the links are off can someone provide me these files?

Who can please send me an email: allancalmeida@gmail.com

thank you

me too.

the link are off. somebody please help me.

Email: wikrom.suk@gmail.com

Than you for helper.

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