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Multi-user Webui-Shell

Lord Alderaan

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Adjusted first, go to the host / gui /

It creates files sql_users.dat - 4kb and sql_users.dat-journal 1kb

On seeing the error .. please see screenshot http://pic.ipicture.ru/uploads/081213/UEU7InkXHW.jpg

In carrying out any action file sql_users.dat become empty - 0 kb, I get an error Warning: sqlite_array_query () [function.sqlite-array-query]: no such table: info in C: \ Inetpub \ vhosts \ x-host.pp. ru \ httpdocs \ webui_shell \ index.php on line 978

SHELL: Configuration Error: Database version unknown.

Index.php I use here http://cdlist.mine.nu/dump/fix.rar

Help me please.

Sorry, I badly speak English

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Hi Lord Alderaan,

first of all i would like to thank you for this superb piece of work

I got some questions to ask about version 4 of your new upcoming script

How does it work on the quota part?

Can i set quota per user basis?

and is there any options to set per users

1. max disk capacity

2. torrents to download at one time

3. display disk size limit based on quota

I also would like to give some idea on improving the gui interface

1. Enable multiple admin login

2. User list moved into a drop down menu rather than keep expanding horizontally

3. group users by shell first

I have noticed that there is change password option in the new webui, can this be disabled by admin?

I like the new mini menu idea and the ability to display errors aswell - Well done Sir an applause from me

Best regards,


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Sadly quota is moved to the next version, yet again. So it'll hopefully be in 0.5

How it is gonna work I dunno exactly and your post is very helpful in figuring out what you guys want :)

Asrael is working on an revamp of the admin panel that I wanted to get in before 0.4 but I haven't seen him for a few days. I'll probably release 0.4 without the admin revamp tomorrow. And will then begin working on the new stuff.

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I just released 0.4.0

Sorry for not helping everybody with problems. I thought it was a better idea to work on this release. It might solve issues people have or at least give more descriptive errors.

If you want to use mysql from now on there is no way to migrate. You will have to start afresh. See the readme and config.php for instructions.

To upgrade from 0.3 download the new rar and extract the files in it.

Open your current config.php and write down the current values.

Delete the contents of your current webui_shell folder and copy the extracted 0.4.0 files into it.

Open the new config.php and fill in the new configuration information.

$username is now $cfg['username']

$password is now $cfg['password']

$settingsfolder is now $cfg['settings_dir']

$altname is now $cfg['altname']

You shouldn't have to change anything else (unless you want to).

Now login to the admin panel to update the database. (REQUIRED STEP!) That should be it.

I'm sure we'll have bugs in this version as a lot was changed.

And again feedback, suggestions, etc are more then welcome.

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Hi Lord Alderaan,

Your new version works well, thank you !

you have a bug in main.php (directory : admin), first line you have : <? instead <?php

I want to change directory location for each users, it possible or not ? I just want a way to know who download what, any idea ?

Thanks again Lord Alderaan for your work et excuse my english :)

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like ur idea implementing direct download but it has one major drawback

1. how to set download if using utorrent shell in a remote location?

2. how if having multiple shells?

3. and php + apache on windows is a big no ... especially with files above 4gb it cant display size properly sometime even shows -ve

something to do with windows being 32bit

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@dje7452: That feature is not gonna be in until the webui itself (made by the µtorrent devs) provides such a function. ETA on new version: Soon™, When it's done.


1. FTP. You setup an FTP yourself (on the PC running utorrent), the shell will then simply provides download links.

2. Why would you run multiple shells, the whole idea of the shell is that you only need one. It has multiple utorrent instance and multiple user support...

3. I run php+apache on windows so I'm sure that if I run into problems I'll solve or work around them :) Direct downloads of 4gb files through http is a bad idea anyways since http has no build in corruption detection.

I'm open on suggestions and ideas about how to best implement direct downloads.

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ftp is doing fine for me so far best way of transferring file

as for running few shells well

i would like to have a single url (ie install webui shell in my webhosting center at uk)

and link it to shells from servers located offshore or at a high speed datacenter in europe. and i can have multiple servers aswell

on the user end they will never know which server i am running it on or where is it located till they can see the server IP or ftp url. its a lot neater to manage rather than having few of webui shell running on each machine right?

easier to maintain the user list :) & do upgrades

to be honest the possibilities are endlesss

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help sqlite and mysql bases are not created,

use mysql

SHELL: Configuration Error: Database version .$this->db->qstr($version,get_magic_quotes_gpc()). unknown.

Please install me script, how much will it cost me?


Тут кто нибудь говорит по русски?

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Can you try logging in. And then add index.html to the url (this will circumvent the frames).

Can you maybe provide me with a login so that I can take a look what goes wrong? You can lock everything down settings wise I shouldn't need any real access this is obviously an on load problem. Send me an email through my profile.

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Error: I.settings is undefined

Source File: http://XXXXXXXX/gui/webui.js

Line: 1

ok i open I.settings @_@ oddly webui.settings become I.settings? not all the lines only selected few any idea?

untill here its doing fine


but after reaching here

unction(I){if(!isGuest){if(BUILD_REQUIRED>-1){if(!has(I.settings,"build")||(I.settings.build<BUILD_REQUIRED)){alert("The WebUI requires atleast \u00B5Torrent (build "+BUILD_REQUIRED+")");return }}for(v

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That error sounds familiar. Solved it earlier but it might be related.

First the I instead of json (which is the normal name of that variable) is normal, it is part of the compression of the webui itself to replace long variable names with short variable names (see trac for the uncompressed version).

In any case try logging in and then add ?list=1&action=getsettings to the url.

Normally it should return a lot of text that starts with:


or at least it will have "settings": somewhere in the text. Please check whether it is there.

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