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Comcast -- Bandwidth tests recording lowe than install day


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I had my 16mb line installed on monday and it registered at 17000kb/s d/l and 2500kb/s upload.... I knew that was good looking, but that was when we had just started our torrenting spree. My question is if anyone knows if Comcast limits bandwidth during non-peak hours due to consumption? Today and last night, both my suspected peak and off peak times at opposite ends of the day...i'm testing anywhere from 8000kb/s (now) to 11 or 12000kb/s (last night). I also know that cable works in that a single drop will be drained by the more people using it, and thus, less bandwidth.

Is this something that may be affected by torrenting? In ANY way shape or form? And if not, what specific settings would you recommend aside from standard upload speed settings (i've fixed all those up perfectly)?

I have a 16mb line, however my settings are 3/2 torrents/downloads.... 40 max connections, 20 per torrent, and 2 upload spots per torrent. Can you help me correct this if it is wrong... according to my tests and theoretical maximums? My settings used to be 600 max connections, 100 per torrent and ~40 upload slots per torrent. This destroyed my networks ability to use browsing, so i changed it...net is fast as hell again and my d/ls seem unaffected.

I'm guessing everything is a-ok, but i'd like to make sure i've done everything i can to maximize and not affect the network in any adverse manner. Thanks guys and gals!

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ComCast disrupts BitTorrent seeding pretty heavily, at least in most areas.

Your upload speed max needs to be NO higher than 250 KB/sec...and may need to be 100 KB/sec or less, especially during peak hours (5 PM to 10 PM).

You should be able to set upload slots a little higher...maybe even as high as 6, though I only recommend 4 unless you're just running 1 torrent.

Encryption outgoing definitely needs to be set on Enabled or FORCED. Incoming legacy (unencrypted) connections don't matter so much...or rather I've had mixed results with them myself (also on ComCast).

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