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Simple reverse proxy needed to protect uTorrent remote access


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Hi Folks,

I am in a need of a simple "for free" reverse proxy for windows plattform to protect the access from the internet to the

uTorrent WebUI port.

The problem is this.:

I am runnng more than one uTorrent instance on a single computer.

WebUI access is enable on all of the uTorrent instances. One dedicated port is used per uTorrent instance.

The users connect through the internet to the uTorrent WebUI (via WebUI or uRemote etc...).

I do not want the users to connect directly to the WebUI port, because I want to maintain some kind of control.

E.g.: strings like /?action=setsetting will be filtered, because I do not want users to chane the settings.

I have made a little drawing, to make the picture clear.:


Could You please give me some kind of recommendation for an appropriate simple to use reverse proxy?


-can run as service (very important)

-is for free

-simple to use

-needs low resources



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Thanks for the answer!


I think Apache ist quite an overkill, I want something simple and robust...

Multi-user WebUI Shell:

I have already downloaded LordAlderaan's Multi User WebUI Shell, I also I have red the instructions.

I havent had any time to try it, but I will give it a try definitelly.

Reading the instructions my understanding is, that his multi-user WebUI uses only one uTorrent and the users connect to this single uTorrent instance. This is quite different from what I want, because I want many uTorrent instances in a 1-1 relationship with the number of served users. I dont want to have such a fine granulated controll of clients rights, I only want to filter the /?action=setsetting... string so that users cannt mess with the settings...

Installing Appache and PHP just to filter HTTP headers, on a system which only contains uTorrent and some free FTP server so far would be an overkill in my oppinion... (besides that, I am really not familiar with web developing)

Is there a reason why the linked picture is not shown?


Hi Folks,

I have installed Apache (for the first time in my life) and I tryied to configure it as a reverse proxy.

Well I have failed so far..

Could You please give me some hint, how to do it?




I am an idiot...

I was trying for more than an hour to proxy the requests to the port 8001 instead of 8081 which had been configured...


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@j4ni: The problem with your question is the filtering of ?action= urls. Atm the Webui Shell is the only one providing such a feature. You could try running multiple instances of it. You'd have to make multiple copies of the webui_shell folder and make multiple RewriteRule lines. DON'T FORGET TO SET DIFFERENT SETTINGS FOLDERS.

For example:

RewriteRule ^/gui1/?(.*)$ /webui_shell1/index.php?shell_file=$1 [QSA]

RewriteRule ^/gui2/?(.*)$ /webui_shell2/index.php?shell_file=$1 [QSA]

RewriteRule ^/gui3/?(.*)$ /webui_shell3/index.php?shell_file=$1 [QSA]

I might implement more native support for multiple µtorrent instances. It goes on the todo list :)

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Received a message from j4ni to read it :D

Seems the Lord Alderaan script is the best for us, j4ni...

At this moment, I'm using a webui from ~1-2month ago (the last multilangual), that I manually edited the skin to disable fields like "max active torrents". Unhappily, a user that use the gadgets (or that use the .NET GUI) can still edit the options, because they send the setting code directly, not "using" the webui skin (some times I caught users limited to 10 torrents with 20 or 30 :( happilly this doesn't affected the server performance at all :))

I will try something like this today (after I wake up, cause i'm going bed)... I will install xampp on my server just delivered (Windows 2003 Std) and post the news here.



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Just for everybody's information. Support for multiple µtorrent instances is gonna be in the next Webui Shell version.

Then you can go back to a single copy of the Webui Shell and simply make an user account for each user and assign each of them their own instance. Or you can wait. It'll be a few days, a week tops.

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Hi Folks,

I have begun to mess with apache,

ist kind of complicated.

I want to set up a reverse proxy, now I have the folloing in the httpd.conf file.:

ProxyRequests off

ProxyPass /gui

ProxyPassReverse /gui

This enables the reverse proxy functionality.

But for me its not enough, could please somebody tell, how to filters

the ?action=setsetting kind of urls? So thet the reverse proxy just filters these requests and it doesnot even give it to the uTorrent?



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If anyone wants to do this with lighttpd it seems you need version 1.5 and the following in your config

#uTorrent config

server.modules += ( "mod_proxy_backend_http" )

$HTTP["url"] =~ "^/gui" {

proxy-core.protocol = "http"

proxy-core.backends = ( "" )


I myself had issues with reliability though and ended up using nginx


#uTorrent proxy

location /gui/ {

proxy_set_header Host $host;

proxy_pass http://localhost:8080;


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